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An account of the Bold & Daring Enterprize of the Primitive Reformed, in order To Recover their Just Rights, Liberties and Profession of their Religion in the Dutchy of Savoye. In a letter written from Lauzanne in Swisserland, to a Person of Honour, August 30. 1689
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Printed for Robert Clavel, at the Peacock, near the West-end of St. Paul's Church-yard

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Waldenses - Return - 1689 - History - Sources

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Descrizione della partenza dei valdesi dalla Svizzera per il Rimpatrio il 20 agosto 1689 (= 30 agosto s.n.).

L'autore scrive in nota: "If these poor People succeed in their Design, it may possibly give occasion to an Insurrection of all the French Protestants in Dauphiné, and Languedock, and thus make way for as great Revolution in France, as have happened else-where".


Licensed, September 3d, 1689. J.F.