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Jean Rodolphe Peyran ; Thomas Sims
Standard: [Peyran, Jean Rodolphe] [Sims, Thomas]
An historical defence of the Waldenses or Vaudois, inhabitants of the valleys of Piedmont, by Jean Rodolphe Peyran, late Pastor of Pomaret, and Moderator of the Waldensian Church. With an introduction and appendixes by the Rev. Thomas Sims, M.A., Domestic Chaplain to Her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Beaufort
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C. & J. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall

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lxviii, 534
Waldenses - Apologetics - 1800-1900

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-- "Nouvelles lettres sur les Vaudois" and other writings by Jean Rodolphe Peyran; 

-- Lettre pastorale aux Vaudois / by the Bishop of Pinerolo

 -- Réponse à la lettre pastorale de l'illustrissime et reverendissime evêque de Pignerolo [= François Marie Bigex]

 -- Adresse du Modérateur aux pasteurs Vaudois

 -- Réponse à la lettre de M. Ferrary

-- Professio fidei pastorum Valdensium

 -- The Confessions of faith of the Waldensian Pastors

 -- Appendix

--  Conclusion