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Religious intolerance in Italy 1947-1952 : a report on religious liberty in Italy and the juridical position of the protestant minorities, with a list of the outstanding cases of intolerance against the protestants in Italy since 1947
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edited by the Commission on International Affairs of the Federal Council of Evangelical Churches of Italy [Consiglio federale delle Chiese evangeliche d'Italia. Commissione Affari Internazionali]

Standard : [Commissione per gli affari internazionali del Consiglio Federale delle Chiese Evangeliche d'Italia]

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Federal Council of Evangelical Churches of Italy

Standard: [Consiglio federale delle Chiese evangeliche d'Italia]

27 p.
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24 cm
Protestantism - Italy - 1900-2000
Religious intolerance - Italy - 1947-1952
State - Attitude towards religious minorities - Italy - 1947-1952