Samuel Morland
Normierte Form: Morland, Samuel [Samuel Morland] Lombart, Pierre [Pierre Lombart] Crassus, Valerius [Grosso, Valerio][Valerius Crassus][Valerio Grosso]
The History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piemont. Containing a most exact Geographical Description of the Place, and a faithfull Account of the Doctrine, Life, and Persecutions of the Ancient Inhabitants. Together, with a most naked and punctual Relation of the late bloudy Massacre, 1655. And a Narrative of all the following Transactions, to the Year of Our Lord, 1658. All which are justified, partly by divers Ancient Manuscripts written many hundred Years before Calvin or Luther, and partly by other most Authentick Attestations: The true Originals of the greatest part whereof are to be seen in their proper Languages by all the curious, in the Publick Library of the famous University of Cambridge. Collected and compiled with much pains und industry by Samuel Morland, Esq.; During his abode in Geneva, in quality of His Highness Commissioner Extraordinary for the Affairs of the said Valleys and particularly for the Distribution of the Collected Moneys, among the remnant of those poor distressed People.

Normierte Form:

In -4°.

Normierte Form: London [Londres]

Printed by Henry Hills, one of His Highness’s printers, for Adoniram Byfield, and are to be sold at the three Bibles in Cornhill, next to Popes-head Alley.

Normierte Form: Hills, Henry Byfield, Adoniram

[68], 709, [1] p., [2] folded leaves of plates.
Anzahl der Abbildungen:
Ritratto of Morland (P. Lilly pinxit; P. Lombart sculpsit); Carta delle tre valli di Piemonte (Valerivs Crassvs fecit Anno Domini 1640 Mense Martij); Divine Motto (p. 27); 26 immagini delle crudeltà (pp. 336-361)
Microfiche: IDC, Religious Minorities Waldenses: RMW-78 (= Torre Pellice, Società di Studi Valdesi: FM 16).
Cromwell, Oliver (1599-1658) - Umgang mit den Waldensern
Kollekten für die Waldenser - England - 1655
Waldenser - Diplomatischer Schutz - 1655-1656
Waldenser - Verfolgungen - Piemont - 1655 - Ikonographie
Waldenser - Verfolgungen - Piemont - 1655 - Quellen
Waldensertäler - Geographische Karten - 1640 (1668)
Waldensische Handschriften - Cambridge - Universitätsbibliothek


The Authors Epistle Dedicatory to Oliver Cromwell [pp. I-IX] ;

An Advertisement to the reader [p. X];

The Authors Introduction [pp. X-L]; 

Contents [pp. LI-LIII];

Catalogue of the Manuscripts, presented by the Author as his free gift to the Public Library of the University of Cambridge, in August 1658 [pp. LIV-LXIV];

Books Printed, and are to be sold by Adoniram Byfield [pp. LXV-LXVI];

First book (pp. 1-187): Manoscritti medievali.

Second book (pp. 188-384): Persecuzioni dei valdesi del 1487, del 1561, del 1597 e del 1655. Gran parte delle fonti presentate da Morland riguardano le persecuzioni del 1655.

Third book (pp. 385-538): Marchese di Pianezza, Relatione de' successi e Somma delle ragioni; seguono i testi di suppliche valdesi ed editti sabaudi.

Fourth book (pp. 539-707): Interventi diplomatici in favori dei valdesi. Colletta inglese.


Armand Hugon-Gonnet, Bibliografia Valdese (1953) n° 75. 

Ristampa anastatica: Forth Smith, Arkansas (Franklin Printing Company) 1955. A capo è aggiunto una pagina: Conrad N. Glover, Historical Sketch on the purchase and printing of this book.

Altra ristampa anastatica: Gallatin (Tennessee), Church History Research & Archives, 1982, 709 p.

Il ritratto di Morland fu dipinto da P. Lilly e inciso da Pierre Lombart (1612/13-1681). Forse è a lui che si devono anche le 26 immagini deel libro di Morland che ricompariranno nel libro di Jean Léger del 1669? Il fatto di essere un protestante francese morto in data successiva al 1669 potrebbe indicare il tramite attraverso cui le "gravures" sono arrivate a Léger (magari quando era a Parigi?) [Daniele Tron]. 



Beitrag des Sammelbandes:
- Carta delle tre valli di Piemonte