By a sincere Lover of our Protestant establishment both in Church and State [= Thomas Bray]
Normierte Form: Bray, Thomas Perrin, Jean Paul [Jean-Paul Perrin][Jean Paul Perrin] Baird, Robert [Robert Baird] Miller, Samuel [Samuel Miller]
Papal Usurpation and Persecution, as it has been Exercis'd in Ancient and Modern Times with Respect both to Princes & People : A fair Warning to all Protestants, to Guard themselves with the utmost Caution against the Encroachments & Invasions of Popery; as they value their Estates, Lives and Liberties, but above all, as they would preserve their Consciences free from the forest of all Tyrannies and Oppressions ... By a sincere Lover of our Protestant establishment both in Church and State. The whole divided into two tomes, ... and design'd as supplemental to the Book of martyrs

Normierte Form:

2 tomi in un vol. In -f°

Normierte Form: London [Londres]

printed by Joseph Downing, in Bartholomew-Close near West-Smithfield

Normierte Form: Downing, Joseph

[4] + XV + 212 [mancano le p. 143-160]; [2] + VI + 167 pp.
Contiene 2 carte geografiche incise in rame da J. Senex. La prima raffigura il "Seat of the Albigenses", la seconda le Valli Valdesi e le Luberon.
Mikrofiche: IDC, Religious Minorities, Waldenses, no. RMW-61
Anglikaner - Antikatholische Polemik - 1700-1800
Waldenser - Geschichte
Waldensertäler - Geographische Karten - 1712


L’autore del primo tomo è anonimo, ma si tratta di Thomas Bray. L’autore aveva concepito l’opera in due volumi, dei quali apparve solo il primo, suddiviso in due parti. Ogni parte ha un suo frontespizio.

La prima parte intitolata  Papal usurpation and tyranny  contiene estratti di varie opere di polemica antipapale, da Guicciardini a Pierre du Moulin.

La seconda parte, datata 1711, è intitolata: The history of the old Waldenses and Albigenses : those two glorious witnesses to the truth of Christianity : in opposition to the antichristianism of Rome, in the several ages preceeding the Reformation… Translated anew from the Original French. Si tratta di una traduzione nuova completa di Jean Paul Perrin: Histoire des Vaudois. Il traduttore fu Thomas Bray.

Contenuto del secondo volume: 1. Shewing their original, and the testimonies given of their faith and probity; 2. The history of the Waldenses; 3. The history of the Albigenses ...; 4. The history of their latter wars and persecutions ...; 5. The precious remains of their doctrine and discipline.


Questa traduzione di Perrin fu parzialmente riedita in:  History of the old Waldenses, anterior to the Reformation, by Jean Paul Perrin. With illustrative notes, from modern historians and theologians,  New York, printed by P. Miller, published by Mason & co., 1843. XVIII, [2], [21]-84 p. 24 cm. Digital:

Questa traduzione di Perrin fu interamente riedita nel 1847 in: Jean Paul Perrin, History of the ancient christians inhabiting the valleys of the Alps : 1.The Waldenses ; 2.The Albigenses ; 3.The Vaudois ; with an essay on their present condition by Rev. Robert Baird ; and recommendatory letter from Rev. Samuel Miller, Philadelphia : Griffith and Simon, 1847 (ristampa anastatica:  Gallatin : Church history research & archives, stampa 1991),  475 p., 1 c. geogr. ; 23 cm). Il volume comprende: 1.  Jean Paul Perrin, History of the old albigenses anterior to the reformation; 2.  Jean Paul Perrin, History of the old waldenses anterior to the reformation; 3. Jean Paul Perrin, History of the ten persecutions of the vaudois, the descendant of the old waldenses inhabiting the valleys of the Alps.

Beitrag des Sammelbandes:
- The Valleys both of PIEMONT & FRANCE Which were the Seat of the Waldenses or Vaudois Both Antient & Modern.