By R. B. [Robert Burton]
Normierte Form: Crouch, Nathaniel [Robert Burton][R. B.][Burton, Robert][Nathaniel Crouch]
Martyrs in flames, or, Popery (In its true Colours) displayed : Being a brief Relation of the Horrid Cruelties and Persecutions of the Pope and Church of Rome for many hundred years past, to this present Age, inflicted upon Protestants in Piedmont, Bohemia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Scotland, Ireland and England. With an Abstract of the Cruel Persecutions lately Exercised upon the Protestants in France and Savoy, in the year 1686 and 1687. Together with a short Account of Gods Judgments upon Popish Persecutors / Published for a Warning to all Protestants, shewing what they must expect from that bloody Generation of Antichristians.

Normierte Form:

Printed for Nath. Crouch, at the Bell in the Poultry, near Cheapside

Normierte Form: Crouch, Nathaniel [Nathaniel Crouch]

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Waldenser - Verfolgungen - Piemont - 1655 - Urteile der englischen Presse


1-33:  The Persecutions Committed by the Papists, upon the Waldenses and Albingenses, and other Protestants in Piedmont, Savoy, and the Valtoline from the Year, 1160, to the Year, 1656.

169-174: An Abstract of the Persecutions of the Protestants in Piedmont and Savoy in the years 1686 and 1687.



Printed under the pseudonym 'Robert Burton', this book was one of the many texts printed and sold by Nathaniel Crouch in the late-seventeenth century.

Seconda edizione: Martyrs in flames, 1713; terza edizione: Martyrs in flames, 1729