By R. B.[Robert Burton]
Normierte Form: Crouch, Nathaniel [Robert Burton][R. B.][Burton, Robert][Nathaniel Crouch]
Martyrs in Flames: or The History of Popery. Displaying The Horrid Persecutions and Cruelties, exercised upon Protestants by the Papists for many hundred Years past, to this Time. In, Piedmont. France, with the Massacre at Paris. Orange. Bohemia. Germany. Poland. Lithuania. Italy. Spain, with the Bloody Inquisition. Portugal. Holland. Flanders. Scotland. Ireland, with the Massacre in 1641. and England. Containing an account of I. The Martyrs in the Reign of King Henry VIII. and Queen Mary. II. The Spanish Invasion 1588. III. The Gun-powder Treason 1605. IV. The Fire of London 1666. V. The Horrid Popish plot in 1678. VI. The Marther of Sir Edmunbury Godfrey. VII. The detestable Conspiracies of the Papists, and their Adherents against K. William III. 1. By Grandivile a Frenchman. 2. By Charnock, Sir Wil. Perkins, Sir John Friend, Sir John Fenwick, and others, with their Tryals and Execution[.] Also Gods Judgments upon persecutors. With several pictures

Normierte Form:


Normierte Form: London [Londres]

Nath. Crouch at the Bell against Grocers-Alley in the Poultrey, near Cheapside

Normierte Form: Crouch, Nathaniel [Nathaniel Crouch]

185 pp
Waldenser - Rückkehr - 1689 - Urteile der englischen Presse
Waldenser - Verfolgungen
Waldenser - Verfolgungen - Piemont - 1655 - Urteile der englischen Presse


 The persecution of the Waldenses and Albigenses, in Piedmont From the Year, 1160, to this time  (pp. 13-42)

 The History of the Vaudois; Their Return to the Valleys in 1689. The Duke of Savoy gives them Liberty of Conscience, and arms them against the French. Their several notable Successes they had against them. Their abandoning Piedmont, and settling in the Territories of the Duke of Brandenburgh, 1697, where they are at this Time (pp. 43-50)