Edited by Cornel Zwierlein : Vincenzo Lavenia
Normierte Form: Zwierlein, Cornel [Cornel Zwierlein] Lavenia, Vincenzo [Vincenzo Lavenia] Felici, Lucia [Lucia Felici] Camaioni, Michele [Michele Camaioni] Austin, Kenneth [Kenneth Austin] Severini, Maria Elena [Maria Elena Severini]
Fruits of Migration : Italian Heterodox Migrants and Central European Culture

Normierte Form:

Leiden ; Boston

Normierte Form Leiden [Leyde][Lugdunae Batavorum] Boston


Normierte Form: Brill [Koninklijke Brill N.V.]

XII, 402 pp.
Flaminio, Marcantonio - Wirkung - Europa - 1500-1600
Italienische Ketzer - 1500-1700
Italienische Protestanten - Europa - 1500-1600
Morata, Olimpia Fulvia (1526-1555)
Ochino, Bernardino (1487-1563)
Tremellius, Immanuel (1510-1580)


Introduction: Heterodox Italian Migrants and Central European Culture 1550-1620  Cornel Zwierlein and Vincenzo Lavenia 

1. An Interrupted Dialogue? Italy and the Protestant Book Market in the Early Seventeenth Century  27 Marco Cavarzere

2 Books on the Run: The Case of Francesco Patrizi 45 Margherita Palumbo

3 Exile Experiences 'Religionis causa' and the Transmission of Medical Knowledge between Italy and German-Speaking Territories in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century 72 Alessandra Quaranta

4 Immanuel Tremellius: From Italian Hebraist to International Migrant 102 Kenneth Austin

5 Bernardino Ochino and the German Reformation: The Augsbuig Sermons and Flugschriften of an Italian Heretic (1543- 1560) 126 Michele Camaioni

6 Olympia Fulvia Morata: 'Glory of Womankind both for Piety and for Wisdom' 147 Lucia Felici

7 'A House for All Sorts of People': Jacopo Strada's Contacts with Italian Heterodox Exiles 178 Dirk Jacob Jansen

8 Journeys of Books, Voices of Tolerance: An Outline of Marco Antonio Flaminio's European Reception 232 Giovanni Ferroni

9 Some Notes about the Diffusion of Francesco Guicciardini's Ricordi in Germany between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 262 Maria Elena Severini

10 Between Italy and Germany: City-States in Early Modem Legal Literature 294 Lucia Bianchin

11 French-Dutch Connections: The Transalpine Reception of Machiavelli 320 Cornel Zwierlein

12 On the Origins of Enlightenment: The Fruits of Migration in the Italian Liberal Historiographical Tradition 362 Neil Tarran


Migration is a problem of highest importance today, and likewise is its history. Italian migrants that had to leave the peninsula in the long sixteenth century because of their heterodox Protestant faith is a topic that has its deep roots in Italian Renaissance scholarship since Delio Cantimori: It became a part of a twentieth century form of Italian leyenda negra in liberal historiography. But its international dimension and Central Europe (not only Germany) as destination of that movement has often been neglected. Three different levels of connectivity are addressed: the materiality of communication (travel, printing, the diffusion of books and manuscripts); individual migrants and their biographies and networks; the cultural transfers, discourses, ideas migrating in one or in both directions.