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A treatise of baptism : wherein that of believers, and that of infants, is examined by the Scriptures. With the history of both out of antiquity. Making it appear, that infants-baptism was not practised for near three hundred years, nor enjoyned as necessary, till four hundred years after Christ: With the fabulous traditions, and erroneous grounds upon which it was, by the Pope's Cannons (with gossips, chrysm, exorcism, baptising of churches and bells, and other Popish rites) founded. And that the famous Waldensian and Old Baptist churches, Lollards and Wickliffians, and other Christians witnessed against it. As also, the history of Christianity amongst the ancient Britains and Waldenses. And, a brief answer to Mr. Bunyan about communion with persons unbaptized ... / by H.D.
H. D. [= Henry Danvers]
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